A creative and motivated cinematographer with 4 years of experience as a drone pilot, cinematographer, photographer, producer, and digital marketer. The visual language of Edward's oeuvre is original, reminiscent, and bold.

Edward's career progress has developed a strong skillset in shoot preparation, on-set operations, and post-production processes to create material for promotions and marketing, construction projects, and independent films. Edward's ability to leverage industry experience and creative expertise has been influential in developing entertaining and engaging content for varied audiences.

Edward assumes role of director, director of photography, and script supervisor for shoots, overseeing all on-set operations to ensure production aligns with client expectations. Meets client deadlines while troubleshooting on-set issues and ensuring quality of footage gathered.

Edward’s Television Shows, Feature Films, and Independent Shorts Cinematography work include: CBC Television "Northern Rescue" for use in Netflix television series;

Byron A. Martin Production - "Hysteria" for use in feature film;

Independent Short - Winner Best Canadian Film 2019 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. Nominated for: Best Cinematography, Best Canadian Short Film, and Best Student Film - "DISGRAZIATO".

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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